Congratulations!!! You are now officially a plus one...or two... even three :-)

Pregnancy and being pregnant is one of the most magical and wonderous times in a woman's life. You are begining the most important journey of your life and you may not know it yet but everything you know about life and love is about to change...

Pregnancy also comes with its beautful challenges and I say beautiful because all that you are experiencing ....the morning sickness, the tiredness, the back ache , swelling, sleepless nights and most importantly the emotional rollercoaster you find yourself having is all in preparation of having this beautiful and perfect little baby entering your world and your life.

Through my pregancy journey I found there was so much information out there on what to expect while you are expecting, ante natal classes, friends advise, books , pre natal yoga, you tube videos and the list goes on...but what I really craved and needed was a space to explore the enormous changes that were going on inside of me on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Through my  experience I realised that pregant women need greater support to fully enjoy their journey into motherhood and navigate the challenges of pregnancy and beyond.

Give your self and your unborn child  the gift of love and well being, by being in the best emotional and mental place possible for you.  Join me on this 8 week journey of self love and self care. 

8 week Pregnancy Coaching Course

I have designed this course to address the many different layers of changes that are occuring through the pregancy journey and beyond.  

Some key areas covered are:

- body image

- fear and anxiety of birth and beyond

- emotional well being

- mind set and self talk

- nutrition

- relationships

For  more information on course dates, pricing and availablity , email